Is it worth installing solar panels if I live in the North?

Posted by formed on 17 January 2023

Many people find themselves wondering if it’s worth installing solar panels if they live in the North of England. This question is frequently asked because the North of England is known for having fewer sunny days than the south. People also wonder if solar panels are worth the investment because they think lots of sunlight is required to make them work. However, this isn’t as true as you might think. Many people living in the North of England have seen considerable benefits after installing solar panels on their roofs.

Does the North receive much less sunlight than the south?

The difference between the amount of sunshine the North and South or Doncaster and London receive isn’t as big as you might think. The south receives just under 1590 hours of sunshine, but the North isn’t lagging too far behind with almost 1485 hours. This means the south only gets around 20 minutes more sunshine per day on average. Nonetheless, research says more people in the south have decided to invest in green energy than in the north, maybe as a result of misconceptions about the benefits of solar power in the two areas.

It takes around 9.5 years for solar panels to pay for themselves on average in England. Although you won’t have to wait this long to see a full return on investment in some parts of the south, it shouldn’t take much longer to receive one in the north of the country.

Are solar panels very expensive?

A great reason for considering installing solar panels in 2023 no matter which part of the country you reside in is that they have fallen in price over the years. The prices of solar panels have dropped remarkably over the past two decades. Once you have made your initial investment, you can expect your panels to pay for themselves within less than a decade thanks to the amount of free electricity they will have generated. Another brilliant reason for considering investing in solar panels is that grants are often available as an incentive for installing them.

Can solar panels generate electricity during cloudy days?

Many people presume solar panels only generate electricity during warm and sunny days. However, this is not the case. The panels can generate electricity even on cloudy, windy days. There are many different kinds of solar panels available to you, some of which are more efficient than others. If you need help with finding the right panels for your needs and budget, advice is available.

The key benefits of solar panels in Doncaster

Alongside the benefits highlighted above, solar panels can help you make a better contribution to the world around you and help you reduce your fuel bills considerably. They require very little maintenance and can last for decades before they need to be replaced. There’s no need to be left behind by the solar panel revolution if you live in the north, even if you have to wait slightly longer for a full return on investment.

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