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PV Solar Panels in Doncaster

PV Solar Panel installation is making a comeback!

pv solar panel installation

Over the last 12 months, enquiries for PV solar panel installs in and around Doncaster have slowly started filtering back through. That’s why we decided to expand our services to accommodate this demand. We are pleased to offer full photovoltaic panel installs; cost effective, gentle on the environment and reduce noise pollution.

PV solar panel installation took off at an exponential rate from 1992 onwards, with many homeowners noticing considerable reductions in their energy bills. Sunlight reaches the panels which are generally positioned on a rooftop, and that begins a process of converting the sunlight particles into energy.

The main attraction for these panels has been the money saving, with homeowners reporting huge gains on their energy bills.

You may have questions such as

  • Is it still worth getting solar panels?
  • What is involved with getting solar panels installed?
  • How much space do I need to make it worthwhile?
  • Can I still make money from getting PV solar installed?

We can provide you with all the information that you need on purchasing solar panels in Doncaster or any of the surrounding areas.

More about solar panels

Solar electricity panels are also known as solar photovoltaics or solar PVs. Their job is to capture energy from the sun and transform it into energy that you can use around your home. When you install solar panels, you get the chance to generate your very own renewable electricity.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels have a large number of cells which are manufactured from layers of semi-conducting material. This material is normally silicon. A flow of electricity is created when light shines onto this material.

Do the cells need direct sunlight to work?

Despite what many people presume, the cells do not require direct sunlight to work efficiently. They can work even on cloudy days. Nonetheless, you can expect them to generate more electricity during sunnier days.

Solar PV systems have several panels. Each panel can generate around 355W of energy on particularly sunny days. Systems tend to have around 10 panels and generate DC or direct current electricity. However, the electricity that’s required for household appliances is AC or alternating current. This means you need an inverter so you can transform DC electricity into AC. You can use this electricity to power appliances or devices throughout your home, and you can also sell this power down to the grid.

Which homes are particularly suitable for solar panels?

If you have a south-facing unshaded roof, this could be particularly ideal for a solar panel installation. You can also expect to get good results from an east or west-facing roof, and some people have seen reductions in their bills after installing a solar panel on a north-facing roof. If your roof faces east or west, it can still give you up to around 80% of the energy that you’ll get from an installation on a south-facing roof.

Can solar panels work with shaded roofs?

Chimneys, trees and nearby buildings can cause shading and make your system less effective. However, one step you may be able to take to overcome this problem is to use an optimiser as these can minimise problems caused by shading. If you don’t have issues with shading, there is no need to use an optimiser.

Is permission required before I install a solar PV system?

In most cases, solar PV panels are regarded as ‘permitted developments’ and don’t need planning permission. However, there are some exceptions, so do contact your local planning office before you go ahead and have them installed. You may need special permission if you live in a national park, a conservation area or a listed building.

If you do get permission to install a solar PV system, make sure you register it with the DNO or Distribution Network Operator that provides your home with electricity. Your solar panel installer may offer to register it on your behalf.

The benefits of installing PV solar panels in Doncaster

Many Doncaster home and business owners have benefitted from installing PV solar panels. One of the most talked-about benefits of solar panels is that they can help you to reduce your energy bills. There are many solar energy calculators online that you can use to get an idea of how much you could save once your panels have been installed. You may find that your solar panels pay for themselves after a certain number of years.

Another big advantage of installing solar panels in Doncaster is that they can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Solar electricity is low-carbon, renewable energy. You may be able to reduce your carbon consumption by a tonne per year after having your panels installed.

Why choose RJ Electrical Ltd?

There are many great reasons for choosing RJ Electrical when you’re interested in installing solar panels in Doncaster. We have more than three decades of experience to draw upon and are proud to be one of Doncaster and South Yorkshire’s leading electrical contractors and installation companies.

Although we specialise in electrical contracting, our capabilities don’t end there. We have carried out several full building refurbishments over the years and worked on various apartment and office blocks with some of the region’s most skilled subcontractors. We have vast experience in a range of commercial, industrial and leisure industry electrical installations and can also provide an electric car charging points installation service. Why not take a look around our website to find out more about the various valuable services that we provide?

We are proud to provide a dependable, professional service to private and corporate clients, with many customers returning to us for further electrical installation work. We’re not just a local firm, with our reputation encouraging customers across the country to seek out our services.

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