Solar panel installation – what you need to know

Posted by formed on 22 November 2022

pv solar panel installationSolar panels are also known as PV panels. The purpose of solar panels is to convert light from the sun into electricity. As solar panels can provide you with a substantial amount of electricity sourced from the sun, they can help you reduce your fuel bills considerably. Although the initial cost of a solar panel installation can seem high, the panels can deliver a big return on investment. Solar panels can make you much less dependent on your electricity supplier and can potentially insure you against rising energy prices.

Is it still worth getting solar panels?

Many experts are now saying solar panels are more cost-effective than ever due to the huge increases in energy costs households across the UK are now facing. Another reason why it’s still worth considering purchasing solar panels is that you can get paid for the solar energy you export due to Government’s smart export guarantee. This is energy that you generate but don’t use which is then sent back into the national energy grid. The smart export guarantee scheme was launched in 2020 and replaced the previous feed-in tariff scheme.

What is involved in the installation process?

Solar panel installations normally take around two days, although much of this time is taken up by constructing the scaffolding that’s required to help installers get onto your roof. Once the scaffolding has been set up, roof anchors need to be attached before the solar panel mounts are secured. The solar panels then need to be installed before they’re wired to the inverter. The inverter then needs to be connected to the consumer unit before the solar panel system is tested. If you’re including a solar battery in your installation, the inverter will need to be connected to it.

How much space do I need?

Each square foot of roof space that you have available can generate around 15 watts of solar energy. The amount of space that you require will depend on factors like how big your home is and what your energy requirements are. If you only have a small home, you may only require approximately 200 square feet of roof space, whilst larger homes can require around 1,000 square feet of space if you are to make substantial savings on your energy bills.

Can I still make money from solar panels?

Whether you’re able to make a substantial amount of money from your solar panels can depend on various factors. These include the location, size and angle of your roof, how much your initial installation is costing you and how much of the electricity you’re generating you’re able to use. You stand to make bigger savings if you’re around using electricity sourced from the sunshine during the daytime. Taking advantage of the smart export guarantee can help you make money from your panels. It’s said that a household located in London can save around £414 on their bills each year and that the panels can pay for themselves within approximately 10 years and 9 months.

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