What are the best films & DVD’s about the environment & green energy?

Posted by formed on 17 March 2023

The environment and climate change have rarely been out of the headlines over recent years. There are many popular films DVDs and documentaries about these topics that you can view online. Over the years, a huge number of thought-provoking and influential films about the environment, climate change and the solar panel industry have been made by movie studios and documentary makers. Many of these have become more relevant with the passage of time.

Let’s take a look at some of the most-watched films about the environment right now.

Don’t Look Up (2021)

Don’t Look Up is a 2021 movie starring Tyler Perry, Cate Blanchett, and Leonardo DiCaprio. This film makes use of light humour to make serious points about the environment and climate change and tells the story of a pair of astronomers who discover a comet that could obliterate the earth. However, they face challenges when nobody takes their discovery seriously.

I Am Greta (2020)

I Am Greta is a documentary about the world’s most famous climate change activist, Greta Thunberg. The documentary offers an in-depth look at her passion for protecting the world from climate change and sees her protesting, making speeches and talking to various world leaders.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

In The Day After Tomorrow, climate specialist Jack Hall tries and fails to warn people about a New Ice Age. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, he travels to New York to ensure his son is safe but faces a highly challenging journey. Will he reach his destination on time?

2040 (2019)

2040 is a documentary made and narrated by Damon Gameau, who is passionate about ensuring the planet is in a good enough state to leave behind for her. However, the climate crisis has given him big concerns. Gameau spends the documentary travelling around the world to find out ways to improve the environmental situation.

An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

An Inconvenient Truth may have first been released 17 years ago, but its message has simply become more pressing over the years. The documentary is regarded as a film version of ex-Vice President Al Gore’s famous slide show presentation about global warming. He first started giving presentations about global warming back in the late 1980s to tell the public and politicians more about the effects of extreme weather.

The True Cost (2015)

The True Cost is a documentary about the effects of fast fashion, which is set to be responsible for around 10% of the planet’s carbon emissions. It’s said that this figure could rise to more than a quarter by the year 2030. Landfills around the world are filled with clothing textiles which have been disposed of.

Erin Brockovich (2000)

Erin Brockovich is a movie starring Julia Roberts, who plays the titular character. In the movie,  Brockovich lands a job at a law firm and finds some medical records which causes her to launch an investigation. She then discovers a cover-up about contaminated water which has caused local residents to contract serious illnesses.

These are just a few of the most popular movies and documentaries about climate change and the environment produced over the past few decades. It seems likely that even more powerful productions about these topics will be made in the coming years.

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