What is an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC)?

Posted by formed on 26 November 2018

What is an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) and do I need one?

Whether you are having a new electrical install, or additions to something you already have, it is very important that you receive and keep an electrical installation certificate. This is your proof that what you have had done is compliant with current regulations, installed correctly and most importantly safe to use. As explained in a previous blog it is important to use contractors who have the correct accreditation, as only registered contractors can issue the correct certification.

An EIC must be issued for all new electrical installations, and possibly on additions and alterations depending on the circuits used. As well as giving you peace of mind, it can also be used as evidence in the event of any claim where an electrical install was blamed. In more recent years we are becoming increasingly aware of house sellers requesting these certs to proceed with a sale; if any electrical work has been done on a building after 2005, you will be asked to provide an electrical installation certificate to prove it was done by a registered contractor and is safe to use.

From personal experience I can say that not having this WILL hold up the sale of your home. Thankfully it is easy and affordable to get a new report done and a certificate issued.

There are many different types of electrical certificates available depending on what you have had done and what you need it for, why not give one of our NICEIC registered electricians a call and see how we can help.

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