What does the Electrical Contractors Association do?

Posted by formed on 12 February 2019

What does Electrical Contractors Association do?

The Electrical Contractors Association or ECA as it is commonly known, is a governing association with an aim to support and represent electrotechnical and engineering services across the country.  Founded in 1901, it is now the leading trade association for companies involved in electrotechnical works particularly in the commercial, industrial and public sectors.

The ECA provides support to its members by providing advice on health and safety, standards, skills, technical issues and employment. It works closely with other regulatory bodies to establish a safe and efficient industry. Members of the ECA range from local contractors to national building organisation’s, and generally speaking, makes companies looks favourable to potential clients. Part of the ECA is the NICEIC (national inspection council for electrical installation contracting), this again is government regulated to oversee works done in the industry and to ensure they are done to the high standards set by the ECA. The NICEIC conduct yearly assessments with their members, and are informed if they are not up to standard and what they need to do to improve. If any improvements are required, their membership cannot be renewed until any works are rectified.

We believe our registration and membership with the ECA is a visible commitment to our customers that our works are of the highest standards, and that we work to the most current regulations. For more information on our accreditations, please look at our homepage.

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