It is important to keep the electrics in your home safe and so when it comes to updating, repairing and surveying, you need someone you can trust.

It is essential that the fire alarm system is subject to periodic inspection and servicing so that unrevealed faults are identified, preventive measures can be taken to ensure the continued reliability of the system, false alarm problems are identified and suitably addressed, and that the user is made aware of any changes to the building that affect the protection afforded by the system.

Only a competent person with specialist knowledge of fire detection and alarm systems, including knowledge of the causes of false alarms, and sufficient information regarding the system, should carry out periodic inspection and servicing. RJ Electrical and Security in their professional way will evaluate the premises along with its functionality and occupancy to ensure a fully compliant fire alarm system which would be as per BS5839. They will inspect, install, test and maintain the fire alarm system with the uttermost care to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

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