It is important to keep the electrics in your home safe and so when it comes to updating, repairing and surveying, you need someone you can trust.

Domestic testing and periodic testing needs to be carried out on all domestic homes and buildings, especially if the building has had a lot of previous owners or is a rented property. This is because any damage from new owners, decorating and DIY can affect the safety of your electrics and put you, your family and your home at risk.

Although electrics that are installed properly by a qualified electrician are very safe some domestic homes may have had DIY electrics put in that you do not know about. Many people when installing new appliances like electric showers and light fittings will attempt to do the electrical wiring themselves. This can potentially be dangerous and also cause damage to existing wiring in the house. If your home has loose wires, damaged wires or wires that are worn down over time then you could be at risk of fires and electric shocks.

Your home should be tested at least every 10 years but if your home has had multiple owners or has been rented out then it recommended to test it once every 5 years or on change of occupier, whichever is the sooner.

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